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unseen analysis question 1 and 4 - Jo, Emma, Louise and Zoe

unseen analysis question 3 + 6 Andrew McNeill, Gregor Stevenson, Cailean Fraser

Andrew McNeill, Scream Essay :

Narrative tasks: Poster and Trailer to be added week begining 15th Sep

Andrew McNeill and Gregor Stevenson (Poster)
Andrew McNeill and Gregor Stevenson (Trailer)

Ryan Watson and Isabelle Shearer

War of the Worlds: Emma Jardine
Poster: the still image is of an alien hand- which is scary,not natural.World on fire - gives theeffect that something bad is going to happen.Graphic Style - the feeling of seriousness

cailean fraser

cailean fraser
War of the worlds - Zoe Donaghy
The still image is an unnatural hand, like an alien hand, which is holding the world. This gives the effect that something bad may happen to the world. The colours in the still images are very dark which gives us a sense of danger + scariness.
In the film trailer there are no characters seen and it is also very dark which carries on the sense of danger.
The graphic style contains big bold writing, which reminds you of big machinery, the writing also comes across serious.
The main star featured in this film is Tom Cruise.

The setting in the trailer is very dark there are empty streets, and scary music is played when showing the trailer. This gives the effect of everything being spooky and scary. No characters are shown in the trailer, which leads a certain mystery.

Introduction to documentary task: Due 5th Nov
- Ryan Watson

Cailiean Fraser Gregor stevenson Jared???0�Homework Task.doc

Newspaper Analysis Questions 2 and 5 Ryan, Isabelle and Jared