Thursday 4th September 2008
"SCREAM": Audience. Worked through audience Power Point (See Scream Page) and then Target Audience exercise in workbook. Audience Homework from workbook due Tuesday 9th Sept. Copied Audience definition chart from page 69 Collins text book.
Friday 5th September 2008
SCREAM Audience: Complete audience table on page 16. Introduction to TA Profiles by age, gender, social class etc. Introduction to Mode of Address (See Key Concepts Audience).
Monday 8th September 2008
SCREAM Audience: Trailers task in student workbook comparing and contrasting green and red trailers.
Wednesday 10th September 2008
NARRATIVE: Work way through Narrative online tutorial at
Film Education learning resources/online resources. This online resource is very useful and can be used for extra study and revision of the key concepts. A link is also available on the links page.
Thursday 11th September
Narrative: Complete online tutorial.
Friday 12th September.
Groups will feedback on Narrative exercise in relation to posters and trailers.
Monday 15th September
Prepare feedback from Friday and post to Class work page on the wiki by next week.

Wednesday 17th September
Narrative work in Scream workbook - Claude Levi Strauss and Tvetzan Todorov (see Key Concepts)
Thursday 18th September
Narrative cont: Barthes and enigma codes work in booklet.
Friday 19th September
SCREAM opening sequence codes task in booklet and opening sequence directors commentary questions.

Monday 22nd September
Go Over director's commentary questions and complete representation revision Mind Map.
Wednesday 24th September
Thursday 25th September
Scream 2nd viewing
Friday 26th September
Scream 2nd viewing
Monday 29th September
Issue NAB preparation sheets and complete sections on categories, Audience and Narrative.
Wednesday 1st October
Continue with NAB prep NAB on Thursday 9th October.
Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd Oct
NAB prep in class - go over prep sheets and discuss content.

Week beg 6th Oct
NAB prep and Fiction analysis NAB assessment.
Monday 20th Oct
Analysis essay practice from 2007 Int 2 exam.
Wednesday 22nd Oct
NAB resits and those who were off.
Friday 24th Oct
Begin Supersize Me. Introduction and watch first 40 mins.
Wednesday 30th Oct
Supersize Me Representation exercise. Available on SSME page.
Friday 31st Oct
Homework exercise issued for Wed 5th Nov: Complete reading and tasks on "Intro to doc" document on SSME page. Watched 1st section film again.
Monday 3rd Nov
Complete SSME representation task
Wednesday 5th Nov
Go over previous lesson task. Homework Due!
Wednesday 12th Nov
Nab resits or Supersize Me analysis essay "With reference to representation and at least one other key aspect explain the construction of the representation(s) in a text you have studied"
Thursday 13th & Fri 14th Nov
Continue with essay and work on institution presentation to give to class.
Monday 17th Nov
Wednesday 19th Nov
Mode of Address, Preferred reading and differential decoding of SSME. Whole class discussion.
Began "Biggie & Tupac" task to make notes on Audience, Mode(s) of address and preferred reading. Will write an essay after viewing.
Thursday 20th Nov
Continue "Biggie and Tupac" exercise.
Friday 21st Nov
Complete watching Biggie and Tupac and write up notes
Monday 24th and Wednesday 25th Nov
Complete SSME task started on 12th Nov and write a report about Audience in Biggie and Tupac.
Friday 28th Nov
Practice essay under timed conditions - SSME Audience
Monday 1st December
Revision or completion of outstanding essays.
Wednesday 3rd Dec
Introduction to Production and the Scenario Question. Began Da Vinci Code scenario.
Thursday 4th Dec
Continue Da Vinci Scenario
Friday 5th Dec
Complete 1st Scenario and pick another to attempt.
Monday 8th Dec
Private study
Wednesday 10th Dec
Collect in da Vnci Code scenario efforts. Group Scenario exercise to be presented next week.
Thursday 11th Dec
Scenario group works.
Friday 12th Dec
Non- Fiction NAB (SSME)
Last week of term!
Continuation of scenario work
Monday 5th January 2009
Presentation and personal revision.
Wednesday 7th Jan
Presentations of Scenario ideas to class. "Jamaica Inn" Scenario issued and whole class discussion of ideas.
Thursday 8th Jan
Complete Jamaica Inn essays in class.