Blog Tastic! Monday 17th Nov 2008
While we are studying documentary this weekI thought I would mention that I saw a FANTASTIC doc on Channel 4. "Rich kid, Poor Kid" blew me away and I would recommend you catch it on More 4 or the 4OD (27days left). It demonstrated how powerful a documentary could be and was a lesson in representation of class.
Another interesting media story this week was the tragic case of baby P. This news story has seen broadcasters race to attribute blame and the language used at times has been very strong. It is interesting to look at the different ways this emotive story has been handled. Sky, The Sun, The Guardian.Just look at the difference in tone of the pieces and the emotive language that has been used. Do they care about baby p or circulation / ratings?
Finally this morning Barnados have begun a campaign "Believe in Children" to try and stop people thinking all teenagers are hoody thugs. They are particularly annoyed with some of the language used in the press when talking about this issue - teenagers refered to as animals, vermin etc. I am glad someone is questioning the stereotypical representation of youth that surrounds us every day - you lot are a really nice bunch for starters!
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Thursday 20th Nov

Well, if there was ever a demonstration of the power of the media what about the John Sergeant Stushie? A light entertainment programme that is now being discussed on heavyweight political programmes like Newsnight. Just check out the sheer volume of coverage - this link will take you to the BBC news page.
It is similiar to the Brand Ross debarcle. Yet in the same period of time Baby P story breaks but no one has lost their job over the death of the baby - what does that say about our society? Say what you think on the discussion board.

Thursday 27th November
Watching the news this morning covering the the Mumbai terrorist attacks it was a lesson in how rolling news channells fill their time. Next time a big story is breaking check out the 24 hour news channels and see how they deal with it. Many people think that this type of coverage can be far too repetative and, at times, damaging to ongoing investigations. For example, the recent investigations in Jersey about alleged abuse and murders at a childrens' home. This story was covered for a number of weeks with police press conferences several times a day keeping up with the latest developments. However - none of this information was correct and now the police have said there was no evidence of abuse! So can we trust this coverage? Or, would it be better for press agencies to wait until facts are straight? What do you think?

Thursday 8th January 2009.
Well the glut of festive nonsense on the telly has past and January seems to have arrived with a wave of bad news stories. The situation in Gaza is dominating all news and it is interesting to see the story from the different perspectives of different News Channels. Channel 4 News successfully reduced me to tears the other night, the plight of the people is horrific to see - BUT i believe it is important to show the full graphic horror - what do you think?

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Sunday 1st February 2009
Disasters Emergency committee Gaza Ad - I've been ranting a lot about this, e-mails to the Beeb and my MP and sky!
Check out Jon Snow's Snowblog. It's a fantastic forum for discussing news and the media today and appears to be used by people with a wide variety of opinions, plus you can let the posters know what you think of their opinion with one click of a thumbs up or thumbs down icon.

IS TOTAL WIPEOUT THE BEST SHOW ON TELLY AT THE MOMENT? Well it certainly has me falling off the sofa every sat night - I think I want a go! What about you - think you could conquer the big red balls?